Past Projects

Repair to Existing 60″ and 48″ Piping

Fabricated new piping including the custom plate flanges and a 6’ tall double offset, eccentric transition piece from 48” to 60”

Categories: Fabrication, Plant Construction

Two High Pressure Slug Catchers

Fabricated (2) Slug Catchers, 2 ¾” thick and 2 ¼” thick, 50’ long seam-seam and 7’ diameter. Built slab and put up wind walls to build outside to facilitate additional lifting capacity. (Install below)

Categories: Field Services, Civil & Carpentry

Install Slug Catcher with new Piping

Poured concrete vessel piers, contracted the trucking to site, fabricated all new piping to tie- in, performed installation, and painted new piping on site. Most of the project completed in tough winter conditions.

Categories: ASME Pressure Vessels, Field Serivces, Civil & Carpentry

Modify & Relocate Existing Slug Catcher

ASME Alteration to add new nozzles, hydro-test, & blasted/painted all in place. Moved and set in different location with new piping to tie it in to existing lines.

Categories: Field Serivces

Setting Tanks

Built new salt water disposal from bare ground including dirt work, setting the tanks and walkways, fabricated and installed new piping, and made modifications to the tanks on location

Categories: ASME Pressure Vessels, Fabrication

Catalyst Treater Vessels w/Skid & Piping

Fabricated (2) 18” OD x 20’ Long Vertical Vessels, four-tier skid to set them in, & piping within the skid. Shipped to site mostly fabricated

Categories: Plant Construction, Fabrication, Civil & Carpentry

Set New Operations Building

Poured concrete piers, fabricated custom rigging to accommodate weight dispersion, performed tandem lift with in house cranes to set building on piers

Categories: Field Services, Fabrication

Relocate Compressor with Piping

Disconnected 3500 series compressor, moved over 100 miles, and installed in new location. Fabricated and installed all new piping to tie in the compressor.

Categories: Fabrication

Air Preheater

Fabricated an air preheater with (193) 2” chrome alloy tubes, different size shell sections, transition, and expansion joint

Categories: Field Services

Relocate Skid

Relocated TEG skid, along with 34’ contactor, over 40 miles to install in cryogenic plant including crane services, heavy haul, and fabrication/installation of new piping to tie in the unit

Categories: Civil & Carpentry, Field Services

New Church Building

Put up steel building addition to a church including dirt work for site preparation, ditching for lines, concrete pad for the building to sit on, concrete ramps and walkways, enclosed hallway connecting to existing building, and hanging trim and gutters

Categories: ASME Pressure Vessels

Instrument Air Tank

Fabricated 10’ diameter, 20’ long vessel from 7/8” carbon steel material with stainless steel nozzles and a skirt for vertical orientation, internally coated with corrosion resistant primer, and delivered to site

Categories: Field Services, Civil & Carpentry

Install Slug Catchers

Pour four concrete piers for slug catchers, install the two slug catchers, fabricate and install new piping and pig operations, and tie them together and to existing lines

Install New Compressor Skid

Installed new CAT/Aerial compressor skid including building base, fabricating & installing all piping and tying in the new compressor to existing system.

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