Past Projects

Install 24” Stainless Steel Piping

120 feet of 24” stainless steel piping fabricated onsite and installed during a scheduled turnaround

Categories: Fabrication, Plant Construction

Demolition of Warehouse Building

Demolition of old warehouse building, while keeping the wood and metal separate for proper clean up/disposal

Categories: Plant Construction

Rolling Offset for New Pipe Connection

New piping connection which required a rolling offset and precise measurements to fit correctly

Categories: Field Services

Repair Vessel & Relocate

Replace Nozzle in ASME Vessel, blasted & painted. Poured new concrete pad with anchor bolts to set it in place

Categories: ASME Pressure Vessels, Plant Construction, Civil & Carpentry

Glycol Surge Tank and Reboiler

Fabricated new glycol surge tank and reboiler inside the shop, field crews pulled out the existing vessels and installed new

Categories: Fabrication

Set Two Tanks

Started from bare ground, set tanks with new piping, containment, and stairs/walkway, and tied in to existing system

Categories: Field Services

Steeple Repair

Remove steeple from top of church that had been damaged by high winds and put it back after repairs

Categories: Field Services

Outlet Cone Installation

Heat exchanger outlet cone fabricated in shop and installed 50’ in the air

Categories: Plant Construction

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