At Conner Industries, SAFETY is our first priority. We are committed to the highest level of safety standards and to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. We strive to eliminate the possibility of injury to our employees and all other individuals present in our shops and on our projects. We take the necessary precautions to control damage to adjoining property, to our equipment, and to owner and client property. Our Safety Program complies with all OSHA Standards and any applicable state and local regulations.

Safety Team

Conner Industries employs three full time safety and compliance officers, with a combined 20+ years of experience, who oversee safety in all aspects of company operations. The Safety Team works with shop foremen and on-site supervisors to provide the tools, equipment and training necessary to prevent injury. Safety inspections are conducted on a regular basis to assure compliance with this program.

Safety Training

Safety training is a key part of our safety program informing employees of known hazards within our industry. Training provides employees with the knowledge and skills to recognize and abate hazards and perform each work task safely. Specialized safety training is provided in areas such as OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Safety and Health, Fall Protection, Confined Space and Forklift Operations. Site specific safety training is created and geared to address specific hazards associated with complicated projects. Daily Tailgate Safety Talks and Job Safety Analysis (JSA)’s are conducted prior to the start of each shift to address specific hazards associated with job tasks scheduled for that day. Company wide safety meetings are conducted monthly addressing safety topics such as Distracted Driving, Fire Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Crew recognized by customer for excellent safety performance

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