ASME Pressure Vessels

ASME Pressure Vessels

Conner Industries has been approved by the ASME to build pressure vessels for over thirty years. We hold the “U” and “R” stamps for new fabrication and the repair of existing vessels. Our new fabricating facility has two 10 ton overhead bridge cranes for a total lifting capacity of 40,000 pounds. We have submerged arc welding as well as semi-automatic, tig, and conventional electrode welding with a multitude of processes available. Our equipment includes several sets of tank rolls and welding positioners.

We build scrubbers, compressor bottles, tanks, and heat exchangers. We build box heads for air coolers and build and retube air coolers. We also build shell and tube heat exchangers and reboilers. We have a full service machine shop for drilling tubesheets and baffles.

We also have field capabilities for ASME Code welding and National Board “R” stamp repairs. We have a heat exchanger extractor for the removal and installation of u-tubed exchangers as well as our own cranes to do the lifting.

Conner Industries

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