Conner Industries has one of the finest fabricating facilities in the Texas Panhandle including 40,000# of overhead lifting capacity and a full service machine shop. Our fabricating includes ASME Code vessels and non-code custom work. In addition we have field crews available, so we have the unique ability to install the things we build.

Metal Forming

Our shop houses a pyramid plate roll, a hydraulic shear, and a hydraulic press brake. We also have a CNC plasma shape-cutting machine, which is complimented by our AutoCad design and layout. With this equipment, we are able to reduce our labor hours for custom items and achieve a higher quality.


We have a full line of automatic and semi-automatic welding machines, including a submerged arc welder. We have a wide range of fabrication welding capabilities based on customer preference or common procedure. Our ASME-approved procedures also include welding on carbon steel, stainless steel, or many different alloys.

Machine Shop

Conner Industries has a full service machine shop with capabilities to mill, thread, saw, drill, bevel, balance, taper, etc. Our machine shop fabricates and repairs all types of valves/valve bodies, fans/fan shafts, seal housings, airlocks, slide plates, bearing plates, trunions, quenches, packing glands, micropulverizer parts, custom flanges, and more. We also accommodate any custom requests from a pattern, drawing, or design.

Past Products

We have many custom requests, but some of our recurring items have included:

  • Custom Plate Slip On & Blind Flanges
  • Reinforcement Pads
  • Patches for Pipe & Vessel Diameters
  • Knock Out Pots
  • Glycol & Amine Reboilers
  • Surge/Agitator Tanks
  • Storage Tanks
  • Cones/Cylindrical Reducers (Concentric or Eccentric)
  • Transitions (Concentric or Eccentric)
  • Adapter Flanges
  • Reactor Sections
  • Oil Preheaters & Shells
  • Pinmixers & Shells
  • Cyclones
  • Bag Filter Components
  • Oil Spray Nozzles

Conner Industries

118 Bunton St. Borger, TX 79007