Field Services

Field Services

Our crews are not just experienced in the plant, but also in preparing for field jobs. We have tool trucks equipped with everything necessary to execute jobs in remote locations that have limited resources. Our concrete crew and carpentry crew are also equipped with the tools and equipment they need. Our haul trucks allow us to use our fleet of cranes and equipment for these locations with lower cost and easier availability.

Compressor Installation

We have the ability to install compressor skids of all sizes. Our crews have installed a variety of compressor skids up to 6730 compressors. Our personnel have knowledge and experience to fabricate and install all piping necessary for compressor operations.


We offer B31.3, B31.1, AWS D1.1, API-1104, and ASME code welding on location. We have welding trucks available for our welders to be equipped for a job, including code welders available to perform ASME repairs on site. Rig welders work with us on a contract basis and are sent out according to their test papers and our quality assurance checks.

Piping Construction & Repair

Piping can be welded on location or inside our pipe fabrication shop. We can handle straight or rolling runs, high above or below ground placement, and can fit up to existing piping or build from new dimensions. We have experience with a large range of diameter sizes, materials, and preferred welding methods. We also have several crews who are skilled at threading pipe and experienced at bolt up.

Skid Installation

We have crews experienced with all types and sizes of skid installations including glycol skids, amine skids, VRUs, cryogenic units, etc. Our cranes and equipment handle skids in a variety of sizes.

Setting Tanks

Whether the need is setting one tank or constructing an entire tank battery, we have the experience and capability to handle the full project including using our in house cranes. We have experience with grassroots projects coordinating with dirt work, hydro excavation, containment, building supports and tying in all associated piping.

Installation of Vessels

We can set and install vessels of all sizes such as Separators, Heater Treaters, Scrubbers, Contactors, etc. We are unique in the fact that our ASME code shop can fabricate, repair, or refurbish vessels which our field crews can install, making us a single vendor solution for these projects. For vessels that require updated piping we can fabricate it, build supports and racks for it, hydro test it on site, tie it in to the vessel, and paint it in place.

Civil Work

Often praised for their precision in pour ups and accuracy in measurements, our civil crew has experience in a wide variety of settings and design. We have poured foundations for large metal buildings, piers for 180,000 lb vessels, and grid rows of light posts. We have also received recognition from our customers for adherence to safety practices.

Steel Buildings

We have had experience with car ports, guard shacks, smoke shacks, airplane hangars, church buildings, and more. We can perform the concrete work, erect the steel, complete the tinning, and put on the finishing touches such as hanging trim and gutters. We can also coordinate other contractors for electrical, plumbing, permits, etc.


Our crews have put up miles of chain link fencing through all types of terrain and ground composition. Their experience includes digging postholes, setting the posts, wrapping the chain link, and putting on the security barbed wire. As well as the fencing, we have the capability of installing all types of gate systems.

General Maintenance & Cleanup

Our crews and equipment are also available to supplement your manpower on location in the form of cleanup, bolt up, routine maintenance work, and more.


Along with these capabilities, we also have a trailer equipped to blast and paint on location. Once a project has been complete, our painter can come in and paint the new/modified area or the whole area at the customer’s discretion.

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