Plant Construction

Plant Construction

Conner Industries specializes in turnarounds and plant maintenance, with experience in a wide range of capital projects. Whether it is mechanical, piping, or structural steel, we have the staff available for most any type of job including in-house welders. Conner Industries also has excellent carpentry and concrete crews for commercial jobs, inside office work, and facility update projects around the plant. In addition to the people for the job, we have the equipment including a fleet of cranes and haul trucks.

Capital Projects

From demolition of old to fabrication and installation of new or anywhere in between, we can handle capital projects up to and above $5 million. We have the capability to screen and hire additional employees as needed for larger projects, as well as gear up with additional tools and equipment to accommodate the demand. We are also able to expedite this process for projects that are time critical. We have supervisors and crews experienced in demolition, fabrication, and installation of new piping, structure, mechanical systems, and process systems.


Conner Industries is equipped to not only accommodate, but also skillfully manage intensive plant shutdowns with short turnarounds. We can focus on one big project, many small tasks, or both. Our supervisors effectively communicate with the company, other contractors, and each other to keep our workers productive at all times.


Conner Industries leads the industry in plant services, experienced personnel, and company owned equipment. We have crews available at most any time to supplement your plant labor and help you with routine maintenance work.


Piping can be welded on location or inside our pipe fabrication shop. We can handle straight or rolling runs, high above or below ground placement, and can fit up to existing or build from new dimensions. We have experience with a large range of diameter sizes, materials, and preferred welding methods. We also have several crews who are skilled at threading pipe and quick at bolt up.

Structural Steel

We can repair, fabricate, and install new structural steel whether erected by welding or bolt up. This includes grating, floor, handrails, stairs, single or multiple level platforms, etc. We can fabricate it in the shop according to accurate measurements or fabricate it on site for field fit dimensions. We can also fabricate and/or erect steel buildings such as office buildings, smoking shacks, guard shacks, etc.


We offer B31.3, B31.1, AWS D1.1, API-1104, and ASME code welding on location, as well as the option of bringing something in to our code shop for fabrication or repair. Welders are tested in shop according to our quality control program and sent out according to our customer’s specific need.

Civil Work

Often praised for their precision in pour ups and accuracy in measurements, our civil crew has experience in a wide variety of settings and design. We have poured foundations for large metal buildings, piers for 180,000 lb vessels, and grid rows of light posts in new plants. We have also received recognition from our customers for adherence to safety practices.

Office Remodeling & General Carpentry

Carpentry crews experienced in all aspects of new and remodeled office construction including decks and steps, new wall construction, framing, etc. for temporary and permanent structures. We have also built and remodeled car ports, guard shacks, smoke shacks, and more.

Crane Services

We have in house cranes in several sizes to meet the requirements of the job, while still being cost effective. These include carry-deck and small fixed cab cranes, as well as a fleet of all terrain cranes from 30 ton to 75 ton. Our personnel include NCCO operators and an NCCCO master rigger.

Heavy Haul

We have several semi-trucks and CDL drivers to transport our equipment, cranes, and material among our job locations and yards. We also deliver our shop-fabricated items such as vessels, platforms, piping sets, etc.

Conner Industries

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